Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017
Published in Category: Government

Government decides to give five billion rupees subsidy to sugar exporters.

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Islamabad: Adopting the former Nawaz government’s policy, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has decided to give Rs five billion rupees in subsidy to the sugar export mafia.

Nawaz government had given more than Rs 10 billion in subsidy to sugar export mafia during the past 4 years. Now sugar mill mafia will receive 15 billion rupees as subsidy in 5 years. Hence sugar prices will go up in the country and sugar is beyond the reach of poor segment of society.

Upon the suggestion by Sugar Advisory Board Ministry of Production has allowed the export of 5 million tons of sugar. Consequently Abbasi government covertly took approval from ECC meeting to give sugar export mafia 5 billion rupees as subsidy.

Sugar mafia stance is that to make payment to sugarcane growers, export of sugar is inevitable. On the other hand sugar mafia has withheld the payments of farmers.

Punjab Cane Commissioner has ordered to auction those 9 sugar mills which are not making payments to farmers. Most of the sugar mills are owned by Nawaz Sharif family and he is the chief of sugar mill mafia. On the other hand Asif Ali Zardari owns 17 sugar mills.

PAC too sought the details of owners of sugar mills who are getting subsidy.

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