Published On: Fri, Oct 13th, 2017
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NAB issues advisory to universities of Sindh on financial irregularities

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Karachi: NAB has issued an advisory on various financial irregularities prevalent in different universities of Sindh.

NAB forwarded letters to Principal Secretary to Governor Sindh under Accountability Ordinance 1999 along with the recommendations formulated in a concise document.

According to the law NAB can advise the public authorities on the measures to combat corruption and corrupt practices as well as to recommend amendments in laws, rules and regulations for elimination of corruption.

The advisory followed an inquiry conducted by NAB on the allegations of various malpractices and irregularities prevalent in University of Karachi since long. The inquiry concluded in highlighting aberrations and breaches of rules and regulations on a range of administrative and financial matters.

The financial irregularities included payment of leave encashment granted to all the employees whereas only retiring employees are entitled to it.

Payment of overtime to senior officers, non budgetary expenditures, account handling of provident fund, procurements without observing SPPRA rules, weak internal audit & financial controls mechanisms are some of the financial aspects highlighted in the advisory document. Besides that, the document also advises the university authorities for better management of

its assets in order to fetch the highest revenues for the institution. NAB has formulated recommendations on very important aspect of appointments as well. The document highlights the irregularities in appointments of university employees which include appointment without advertising vacancies and selection after by passing the competitive process, over recruitment beyond the sanctioned posts, award of higher grades and non-adherence to HEC requirements. The university authorities have also been advised to comply with the directions of Supreme Court of Pakistan contained in various reported judgments pronounced on the matters of appointments. It has also been advised that the universities may streamline their rules and regulations in consonance with Government rules and Supreme

Court directions. The advisory document requires that NAB be furnished with intimation of implementation of recommendations in due course.

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