Published On: Wed, Jun 24th, 2015
Published in Category: Business

PBIF expresses concern over fast depletion of water resources

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Islamabad: President Pakistan Businessmen and Intellectuals Forum (PBIF) Zahid Hussain on Tuesday called for settling disputes to construct mega projects without which future of the country seems bleak.

Zahid Hussain said that climate change, decreasing glaciers and forests and well as water aggression by the neighbouring country has been depleting groundwater in almost all the parts of the country which is a grave threat.

He said that different areas have been witnessing reduction in water table from four to 12 inches per annum which has increased the cost of pumping water through tube wells.

PBIF President said that scarcity of water has been hurting water intensive crops like rice, sugar cane and entire agricultural chain, which would create unemployment, food security and closure of our leading industries.

The veteran business leader said that government should try to stop neighbouring country from stealing our water and introduce new verities of seed requiring less water, train farmers to use less water.

He appealed the politicians to give top priority to water security and agree on construction of mega projects to which future of Pakistan is tied}

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