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1601 women kidnapped in parts of Sindh during Jan-June 2021: Report

Islamabad: As many as 1601 women kidnapped as per official data out of which media could only report 302 cases in Sindh during the first half of year.

According to the report on State of Violence against Women in Sindh published by Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO), cases of violence against women and children are on rise in Sindh but cases reported in the media are much less than that reported and registered officially.

The reported cases in official statistics and media about violence against women were 346 and 58 respectively that again showing huge gaps.

179 cases of child abuse and 158 cases of rape of women officially reported while in media 68 and 120 cases highlighted respectively.

Quite significantly, the report found domestic violence the lone indicator in which media tracking reports remained higher than that of the official data is domestic violence. As per statistics, 142 cases reported in media while 126 were found registered in official records.

In Sindh Harassment at workplace was only reported in Hyderabad district, a total of 9 cases of Harassment at workplace reported. No other district reported a single case.

During first six months of year 2021, child labor and workplace harassment have been recorded zero in media even though some cases have been officially registered.

Top five districts of overall cases of violence against women and children in Sindh during first half of 2021 are all in Karachi, with the highest cases in Korangi district (428 cases).

Other than Karachi, the highest cases are in Khairpur district (108) which is overall at sixth place in the province.