Published On: Tue, May 4th, 2021
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Almost four in 10 Pakistanis remain skeptical about Covid Vaccine: Gallop Survey

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ISLAMABAD: Gallup Pakistan has released findings from 10th wave of Covid Attitudes Tracker, a survey of Pakistani public on Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviour around Covid and Vaccines.

According to the results of the survey, almost four in 10 Pakistanis remain skeptical about Covid Vaccine, majority continue to feel threat is exaggerated and doubt if Covid is mere conspiracy. Misconceptions on how, when and where to get vaccines inhibit even those who are seeking. Lastly the economic vulnerability caused by Covid seems to worsen once more.

According to the findings of the survey:

64% Pakistanis still hold the opinion that the threat of coronavirus is exaggerated.

Willingness to get vaccinated has improved significantly as compared to 38% in December, as of March 2021, 65% Pakistanis now say that they are willing to get vaccinated.

It is crucial to note however that as of March 2021, a vast majority (87%) Pakistanis report that no one in their family has received the COVID-19 vaccination as yet.

44% Pakistanis say that they are not sure when they will be able to get the vaccine, indicating that access to vaccines remains a major problem.

Among those who refuse to get the vaccine, common reasons for this hesitancy are worry about side effects, belief that they will not contract the virus and a belief that immunity is better than getting the vaccine.

Economic impact of COVID-19 seems to have worsened as compared to December 2020. Gallup Pakistan’s economic wellbeing indicator that had improved on 6 out of 7 indicators in December has now witnessed a decline in 4 out of its 7 indicators.