Published On: Tue, Dec 10th, 2019
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Always listen to your heart because passion dominates talent: PM

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ISLAMA BAD: Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said monarchy was one among main reasons behind retrogression of Muslims as no accountability takes place in monarchy

“ Enforcement of system of monarchy instead of democracy was one among other reasons behind the retrogression of Muslims. Because monarchy is minus accountability. The entire family comes in politics in democracy which is negation of democracy. The boats have to be burnt for big cause. Passion outpaces talent. Man will achieve success as bigger as its vision is . Some days back a plan was carried out from A, B and C and now it has gone to Z”, he said this while addressing the students in inauguration ceremony of first technology park in NUST here Monday.

He went on to say standard of education and literacy rate has lowered abysmally in Pakistan. However outstanding standard is there in the sector of higher education.

Addressing the students PM said whatever dream a man dreams is possible to be realized. People are unaware of their talents. In this respect they should enlarge their vision. Those who back track from their vision never succeed. More strength comes if one rises after falling. Whosoever is above his personal interests he succeeds. What is above one’s personal interest is humanity.

He went on to say that one who worked beyond his self promotion became great man in the world.

He underlined that world does not remember affluent people but it remembers those who worked for humanity.

Referring to the philanthropy of Bill Gates, Imran Khan said he is a great man who is spending his money for the welfare of humanity. He said Bill Gates is also providing funds to Pakistan for polio eradication

He urged that “always listen to your heart because passion dominates capability. One can work consistently for 16 hours if there is passion. This passion comes when you challenge yourself and you determine not to look behind. The hurdles come on this way afford opportunity to learn. The real test of man is to come out of adverse time.

He stated that every coming adverse time in life provides chance to go ahead. But when you stop to challenge yourself then your downfall starts. I have seen several people who grow old soon after their retirement. Their hair turn hoary. They suffer heart attack and die. Why it happens so. It happens so because his vision dies.

He said Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is the greatest role model in the world history.

When I was young then my role model was my cousin. When I started playing cricket then I started changing my role model. But real role model is our Last Prophet (PBUH), he added.

By pursuing the principles of last prophet state of Medina remained for 700 years and Muslims reached pinnacle of their rise, he held.

Today West is more adhering to these principles and is prosperous, he said adding lack of democracy and imposition of monarchy is behind retrogression of Muslims.