Published On: Sun, Jul 7th, 2019
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Audits don’t get results, more a means of harassment: Zaidi

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LAHORE: An individual will not be audited multiple times, FBR Chairman Syed Muhammad Shabbar Zaidi announced on Saturday. A circular will be issued in this regard.

“Audits don’t bring results. An audit is more of a form of harassment than anything else,” Zaidi said.

In a press conference held in Lahore before industrialists and the business community, Zaidi said he wanted to explain the government’s philosophy of business.

The basic aim of the budget, he said, is to increase industry and employment in Pakistan.

He emphasised that the main theme was to save the industry and employment sectors and solve tax-related issues in the two sectors.

He identified Customs as an area where most problems were faced by industrialists. “People have several complaints when it comes to Customs, especially clearance,” he said said.

“As most of you must be knowing, we have three channels – green, red and yellow,” he said, vowing that the government has decided to increase the capacity of the green channel to 60% from the current 35% to 40%.

He told the industrialists that they were not pressurised [to declare their assets] this fiscal year as they have been in the past. “You must admit that,” he said.

After a single extension, the PTI government’s second amnesty scheme came to an end July 3 and with it the chance to declare any previously undeclared assets.

The FBR closed its online portal and Zaidi had said they had the details of 110,000 people who have made use of the scheme. He believed this number will touch 135,000 because the cases of 25,000 people are still pending.

Last year, 84,000 people availed the amnesty scheme and the government gained Rs124 billion in revenue. So far, the FBR has collected Rs70 billion in taxes from people availing this year’s scheme.

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