Published On: Fri, Jan 12th, 2018
Published in Category: Rawalpindi

Benazir Bhutto hospital faces acute shortage of seasonal diseases

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Rawalpindi: The patients of Benazir Bhutto Hospital are facing an acute shortage of seasonal diseases protection medicines as they were compelled to purchase these medicines from nearby medical stores on high rates.

The credible sources have disclosed the currently Rawalpindi Benazir Bhutto hospital was facing acute shortage of medicines including anti-biotic, Paracetamol, Panadol and the medicines that helpful in seasonal diseases like flue, allergy, temperature.

They said that number of patients that affected with seasonal diseases was daily visiting hospital but they failed to get medicines.

Most of the affected patients have demanded the Chief Minister Punjab to take notice of this alarming situation and solve it on permanent basis. Tasleem Bibi whose son was affected with temperature has stated that doctors didn’t give any medicine from hospital.

Most of the patients belong to Sadiqabad have complaint that they were regularly visiting hospital but no get any medicine even Paracetamol.

The patients and their attendants have expressed serious concerns on the prevailing situation in the hospital and demanded of the CM Punjab, Punjab Health officials to take practical steps to save them of the nuisance.

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