Published On: Fri, Oct 16th, 2020
Published in Category: Lahore

CJ LHC takes notice of YouTube channels being created without proper mechanism

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LAHORE: Chief Justice Lahore High Court (LHC) Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan on Thursday took notice of YouTube channels being opened in Pakistan without any proper mechanism in place.

LHC Chief Justice Qasim Khan heard the case related to the non-removal of offensive content from on social media. Expressing indignation over the circulation of offensive content on social media, the chief justice questioned how YouTube channels were being launched across the country.

“Under which law are YouTube channels running and who monitors the content [on the video-sharing platform] ?” the judge inquired.

He also remarked that derogatory language was being used on the platform against the judiciary and that he would not allow anyone to violate the sanctity of the institution.

“How many cases have been registered by the FIA so far and how many people have been arrested?” he asked.

The court sought immediate details from the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on the matter and also asked if everything was happening under government’s supervision.

The additional attorney general told the court that action is taking whenever a complaint is filed on a grievance: “Will the judges of the judiciary now lodge complaints with the FIA?” asked the chief justice angrily.

Angry at the FIA for not taking action over the issue, the LHC chief justice remarked that the agency should be closed down.