Published On: Wed, Dec 27th, 2017
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CM Punjab urges police to work for making Pak welfare state in real meaning

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Rawalpindi: Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif Tuesday underlined the need to change old and vague system in order to make Pakistan a welfare state in real meaning.

Addressing the passing out parade of third batch of 286 sub-inspectors completing their training from Police College Sihala. 19 females were also among the passing out batch. The Chief Minister gave away awards to the probationer sub-inspectors showing best performances during the training. He appreciated professional capabilities exhibited by the police to show the quality of its practical training and professional competence. Earlier, the Chief Minister inspected the parade and a smartly turned out contingent of the police saluted the chief guest.

Lauding services of police force , he said it was rendering valuable service for the protection of life and property of the people, maintenance of discipline and law and order, curbing of crimes as well as the terrorism. He said the officers and jawans of the police department are filled with the passion of service and even sacrificing their lives.

Chief Minister Punjab said the great sacrifices rendered by the police martyrs for eliminating criminals as well as the terrorism will not go down the drain. He said the police have been equipped with the latest equipments by providing funds worth billions of rupees for making it fully commensurate with present-day needs and requirements along with provision of professional training to it. While performing its duties, the police should prevent the gubernatorial and must not succumb to any worldly pressure while redressing the complaints of victims, he said, adding the blood of the martyrs is asking that if the objective, for which the blood is shed, has been achieved or not?

He said the selection of the brave persons passing out from Police College Sihala has been made purely on merit. He informed the Punjab Public Service Commission received more than 70,000 applications and after a careful selection procedure, you all have been selected purely on merit. I am of the considered opinion that you will exert full energies to provide justice to the common people and redress the complaints of the poor. “You don’t need to fear from the powerful; you rather should ensure justice; and it is a matter of satisfaction that highly educated boys and girls are being recruited in the police force on 100 percent merit by passing the Public Service Commission examination”, he added.

He said the selected candidates have been given latest learning and training from Pakistani and foreign experts in this college to overcome the crimes through latest technology and provide justice along with intrepidly dealing with the menace of terrorism. He said the police officers and jawans should save the victims from the cruelties of cruel some elements; support the widows and orphans, help the hapless seeking justice and act like a solid rock against the elements indulging injustices so that law and justice is prevailed and the criminals are given exemplary punishments. He also expressed his good wished for the new police officers and said that nation has pinned high hopes on them.

Shahbaz Sharif said that new blood is being included in Punjab police today. He congratulated the passed out sub-inspectors, their parents and the families and expressed the satisfaction that highly educated youth and women are amongst them. He said the Punjab police and Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) have proved their mettle by initiating successful operations to curb the menace of terrorism. Similarly, he said the dolphin force is active to control the street-crimes, while first centre of safe city project has been completed in Lahore with the cost of Rs. 12 billion. Under this project, thousands of security cameras have been installed which have benefited the Punjab police to keep a close eye on the movement of criminals.

He said the purpose of making the police an efficient force through an investment of billions of rupees is aimed to facilitate the citizens, employees and businessmen community so that their life, property and honor could remain fully safe and secure. He said 1400 brave sons of Punjab police have embraced martyrdom in the line of duty till today and added that PML-N government has given full support to the mega plans devised by the armed forces of Pakistan to eliminate terrorism during the last more than four years. Along with the government, the people of Pakistan have countered terrorism like a solid road which has broken the bone of terrorism and due to the collective efforts of armed forces of Pakistan, rangers and police, the terrorism is dying down, he added. He said the way our intelligence bodies and citizens have bravely countered the terrorists, is commendable. The whole nation is eying the people involved in policy making as the police have also given sacrifices against terrorism in four provinces.

The Chief Minister said that people from all walks of life including armed forces as well as the police have rendered invaluable sacrifices in war against terrorism and have written a new history with their blood. “I swear the blood of the martyrs that for God’s sake, shun internal differences to emerge as a unified nation as souls of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the martyrs, who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country, are crying that it is not Pakistan for which rivers of fire and blood were crossed and blood was shed in abundance”, he added.

He said the martyrs’ families are also putting up the question that what the elite, politicians and the clergy is doing with the country? “Let’s not further scatter the country; unite the energies and make Pakistan a great nation in the world. We should make a Pakistan that could satiate the souls of Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal and the martyrs, as well as the mothers, whose sons have lost their lives in war against terrorism”, he added.

He regretted that rich is becoming richer while the poor is going poorer and observed that it is not the country envisioned by Quaid and Iqbal. There is a need to bridge the divide between poor and the rich as we have failed to introduce a system to give rights to them during the last 70 years. Let’s collectively change this archaic system and introduce a welfare system in the real sense.

He said Pakistan is needed to stand on its own by getting rid of foreign loans and if we follow the approach of self-reliance, then our country could become a great state. If we want the country to move further, then beggary should be avoided, sacrifices should be given and tax should be paid. He said the national wealth should not be looted and the natural resources should be spent on the welfare of the common man. He said when a police man challans a person in the UK, then he addresses him as ‘Sir’ and then enquires about the license.

If the license is not produced, then he notes down the number of the vehicle and let him go, but its reverse in Pakistan. He urged on the police to behave with the people in a suave manner and the citizens should not be disgraced in case of any fault and they should, rather, be treated in a respectful manner. He said the criminals should not be treated as honorable persons nor the cruel some people be made as victims. He said there is no doubt that there are police officers and officials who ensure supremacy of merit and provision of justice at every cost. They are crowns of our heads and I salute them.

However, he said there are elements due to which people face difficulties. I am confident that Punjab police will become a unified force to earn a niche; but for that human approach is needed to be transformed. If you prevail upon justice then people will be happy and they will pray for you while in case of any injustice, they will bemoan and action will be initiated. He said Pakistan is a strong country which is full of the wealth of natural resources and it has also emerged as the stronger nation militarily.

The Chief Minister said that blood of the martyrs is asking the people from different walks of life that the purpose for which they have shed their blood should not go down the drain. He said that we all have to play our role for the security, safety and strengthening of the country for which our forefathers and the workers of Pakistan Movement had rendered their lives to secure this piece of land in the South Asia for us. He said the martyrdom of officers and jawans of armed forces of Pakistan have resulted in elimination of terrorism.

Respecting these sacrifices, we should shun our differences to stand united against anti-state elements so that injustice and cruelty could be curbed; justice could not end up as a saleable commodity in courts and police stations and the rights of the victims are not usurped, he added. He said we do not need financial aid and rather we should get rid of this habit. He said we can come up to the expectations of the nation by performing our duties honestly and diligently.

“Instead of getting aid from anybody, we shall emerge as a self-reliant nation by using our own resources. Punjab government has inaugurated the first phase of Pakistan Kidney and Liver Transplant Institute yesterday and the number of beds will be extended to 1500. All the funds have been arranged by the Punjab government for this project costing Rs. 20 billion. We haven’t thought even for a single moment to get a loan or beg from anybody. If we follow this approach, then Pakistan could emerge as a self-reliant state”, he added.

Earlier, IG Police said in his address that a comprehensive reforms program is underway in the police. He said IT based 8787 police complaint centers have also been set up to address the complaints. Commandant Police College Sihala presented address of welcome. Speaker Punjab Assembly Rana Mohammad Iqbal, Provincial Minister Jahangir Khanzada, Parliamentary Secretary Ch. Sarfaraz Afzal, IG Police Punjab Cap. ® Arif Nawaz Khan, Members of Assembly, high officials of police and their family members were present on the occasion.

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