Published On: Thu, Oct 18th, 2018
Published in Category: Rawalpindi

Corruption speaks volume in crackdown against encroachments in Pindi

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Rawalpindi : The Municipal Cooperation Rawalpindi has allegedly made the provincial government’s “Clean and Green Pakistan” campaign an income generating business as the administration charges money to legalize fake property documents.

Despite crackdown against encroachments in across Punjab, no crackdown was launched against major illegal constructions in the city, sources said. The local management instead of launching operation against encroachments has issued notices to the owners of the illegal constructions.

In the notices, the management sought property related documents. However, the sources said the decision of issuing notices was taken due to incomplete information against illegal constructions. The notices have been issued to the owners of commercial plazas and buildings.

The management in the notices also warned the owners that if they could not produce all required documents their constructions will be demolished. With the issuance of notices, building mafia group in the management has become active and started black mailing the traders and others persons.

Building inspectors have great role in this regard as they have made some local traders their assistance and through them the building inspector started blackmailing traders and other residents.

According to the sources, the building inspectors allegedly charge 20 per cent for Rs100, 000 for converting fake documents into legal and they were doing all this with the alleged support of Chief Officer Shafqat Raza and Municipal Officer Planning Shehzad Haider.

The sources alleged that the local management has already disappeared record to hide nepotism and corruption in the department.

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