Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2019
Published in Category: Rawalpindi

Emitting gutter in front of Food Street becomes constant headache for visitors

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Rawalpindi: , A spouting gutter in front of Pindi Food Street has become a constant headache for the visitors and commuters but district administration has no concern to resolve the issue which has been making face since two months.

As the routine starts in Food Street at 12 pm, gutter starts to spout. There are three important places Food Street, Grid Station and Sports Complex but the administration has failed to relieve the visitors of all three points from this trouble.

As the visitors arrive in search of good food here, a stinky smell welcomes due to the gutter and before entering in food market, they often say good-bye to the point. The same situation arises with commuters who cross the road and it has become a usual routine over dirtying of cloth by crossing motor bike and vehicles. The newly constructed cricket stadium road is almost going to ruin due to drainage due fluent water of gutter.

In following the same, a gutter also has been spouting in front of Pindi Cricket Stadium but no remedy from District Administration seems curable.