Published On: Tue, May 15th, 2018
Published in Category: Rawalpindi

Essential commodities prices rising before Ramadan

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Rawalpindi: On the arrival of holy month of Ramadan, profiteers have raised the prices of fruits, vegetables, pulses, mutton, beef and other essential commodities.

According to reporter survey a rise of 100 to 200 percent recorded, while hoarder, adulteration mafia and profiteers also become activated and they have started supplying outdated products to the markets and stores.

The Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Price control magistrates and other food department authorities are only limited to photo session and press releases.

Punjab Information department also issuing false statement of the politicians, minister and government officials.

The district administration and market committee price control lists fully neglected and wilful rates charged from consumers.

The sudden rate hikes include the potato Rs20 to Rs40 per kg, tomato Rs20 to 60 per kg, onion Rs20 to Rs40 per kg, lemon 170 to 300, dates Rs200 to Rs400, and in pulses white channa price increased Rs100, mutton price per kg Rs900, beef Rs600 and rice increased to Rs190 per kg.

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