Published On: Sat, May 4th, 2019
Published in Category: Islamabad

European countries using delaying tactics in issuance of visa to Pakistanis

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Islamabad: The European embassies in Islamabad neither processing the visas applications nor giving the dates for interviews to the applicants.

The behavior of the European countries with the applicants of visa is irking them. Hundred of Pakistanis can not attend different conferences and functions and visit Europe as tourist. The applicants urged Foreign Ministry to take the issue with these embassies who are not issuing visas to Pakistanis due to unknown reason.

The embassies of Germany, Italy ,Poland , Denmark and Norway and some other European countries are giving the time of more than two months to the applicants for the interview, where as some embassies have also closed down the online appointments for issuance of visas .

An applicant Rashid Farooqi told that he is desirous to visit Poland but the visa office receives applications for two hours on Monday and after trying for many weeks, he could not submit his visa application.

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