Published On: Sat, May 25th, 2019
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Evils of terrorism, corruption need to be eradicated: Governor Punjab

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LAHORE: Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that terrorism and corruption are the two sides of the same coin and both these evils need to be eradicated.

He said the incident of terrorism in the Holy month of Ramzan in Quetta is highly condemnable. These terrorists are against the teachings of Islam, are against the basic tenets of humanity and are also against the territorial integrity of the nation state.

But let me assure you, we shall fight till our last breath to wipe out the menace of terrorism And their facilitators. The whole nation is united for that matter and has a staunch belief in our armed forces to combat against terrorism. We shall make this country free of hatred, prejudices and parochial mindsets.

He was talking to the delegation headed by vice chairman overseas commission Waseem Ramay, Atif Chaudhry of PTI, and Awais Younas at Governor House.

We will strengthen the NAB and other institutions equally, he said. It is in-fact the institutional strength which strengthens the nation and makes a country strong.

Sarwar said that the youth is an asset of Pakistan. Successful youth program is a gift to the youth of Pakistan. Governor Punjab condemned the terrorist attack in Quetta. He said that the whole nation is united against terrorism and is determined to wipe out this menace from Pakistani Society. Pakistan under the leadership of PM Imran Khan is heading towards peace, progress and prosperity.

The sacrifices which our armed forces have rendered to combat against terrorism are commendable, will bear fruit inshAllah and will always be remembered. He also said that PTI believes in strengthening institutions and the root cause of all the problems of Pakistan is corruption.

Corruption and terrorism are evils and Pakistan is struggling to get rid of this evils. InshAllah we shall come out of these problems very soon and all the agendas of enemies will go in vain.

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