Published On: Tue, Jun 12th, 2018
Published in Category: District News

Explosion by unknown persons destroys residence of Mir Asghar Rind in Mand.

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Gwadar: The residence in Gomzai, Mand of former Provincial Fisheries Minister of Balochistan and leader of Balochistan National Party Mir Asghar Rind has been destroyed in an explosion.

On the other hand in district Turbat Balochistan leader of National Party Mengal Mir Hamal Baloch remained safe in an attempted murder by gunmen in the area of Sarkan-Mirabad. In retaliatory fire his security guard targeted the gunmen but they managed to flee.

According to government officials unknown persons in the area of Gomzai, Mand planted explosive material around the residence of Mir Asghar Rind and exploded the house.

In this context Levies officials told that at the time of the explosion there was no family member in the house and there is no information of death or injuries. However the house was completely destroyed. The residence of Rind’s brother in the area has been slightly damaged.

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