Published On: Sun, Jun 2nd, 2019
Published in Category: Lahore

FBR Chairman’s letter to PM about miserably low number of tax payers is an eye opener: Farid Piracha

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LAHORE : Deputy chief of the Jamaat e Islami, Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha, has said that the F.B.R. Chairman’s letter to the Prime Minister about the miserably low number of the tax payers was an eye opener but it was only a half truth.

In a statement here, he said that the letter did not mention that actually the taxes were being paid by the poor as seventy per cent of the indirect taxes were levied on the common man. He said that the taxes levied on petrol, electricity, chemical fertilizer and mobile phones were paid by the general masses.

Besides, he said, the responsibility of the non collection of the taxes also lay with the FBR because the FBR had a complex system with discretionary powers, audit, and automatic system of settlement under which the major amount went into the pockets of FBR officers and officials while the government was deprived of that. He said that even the recommendations of the FBR would not help solve the actual problems.