Published On: Sat, Feb 20th, 2016
Published in Category: Islamabad

Financial literacy drive, SECP tells fraud prevention to students at Air University

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ISLAMABAD: February 19: The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), taking forward its financial literacy campaign on investment education and awareness, told the students how to prevent fraudulent practices in financial matters .

SECP organized a seminar for the students of Air University in Islamabad in which fraud prevention was communicated to students. The students were informed about the SECP’s role as the apex regulator of non-banking finance sector.

Students were motivated and eager to acquire learned financial behaviour to make well-informed investment decisions. The focus of the seminar remained on promoting a culture of savings and investments. A comprehensive portion of the seminar was about mutual funds, its risks and benefits, working of mutual funds, important considerations for the investors, various categories of mutual funds and the oversight and accountability by the SECP.

A sizable group of students from various disciplines attended the seminar. The seminar consisted of an interactive discussion and a Q&A session. The participants appreciated the SECP for fulfilling its social responsibility in the area of investor education and awareness and expressed their interest in having more activities of similar nature.}