Published On: Thu, Nov 8th, 2018
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Food Supply ,Polyclinic Hospital gives contract to favourite firm without submitting tender

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Islamabad: The administration of Federal Government Services Hospital (Polyclinic Hospital) has exploited its authority in awarding contract for the supply of diet items to blue eyed firm by violating all rules and regulations.

The contract has been given illegally to Bilal Traders on the submission of blank form, which submitted the bill Rs two million for the supply of unhealthy food items . The bill was approved by the Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO) and Diet Supervisor whereas only 50% items were provided to the patients.

The diet tender of the month of July occurred in Polyclinic. In which, Bilal Traders submitted blank form and the tender committee has caught up with opening the tender.

However, the tender has been given to Bilal Traders by the administration. Due to which, non-standard meat has been provided to poor patients. The fake bills of diet have accepted push bump on the connivance of AAO and Diet Supervisor.

According to the authentic sources of Policlinic Hospital that to attain this tender, Bilal Traders has given six to seven lac bribe. The different item of diet has been provided to officers at home and due to which, any inquiry process is not being brought.

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