Published On: Sun, Sep 12th, 2021
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Global increase in poverty depicts capitalism’s failure: Faiq

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Peshawar: Chairman of Aman Taraqqi Party (ATP) Faiq Shah has said that capitalism has put humanity into blind alley of poverty and indigence.

Talking to different trade delegations, Faiq said that more than ninety percent population globally have fallen a prey to worst poverty, while wealth rotates around only wealthy ten percent. This is a complete failure of capitalism, he added.

He said that unlevelled and unjust distribution of resources yields in chaos, frustration, and terrorism. A system of ‘socio-economic welfare’ should be introduced so that justice and equity could be formed, he said.

Faiq said that industrialists and wealthy should invest their money so that employment and jobs could be created and poverty may be eliminated in this way. Capitalists and feudal have occupied Pakistan’s resources and wealth, he regretted.