Published On: Sun, May 5th, 2019
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Governor signs Punjab Local Government Bill 2019

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Lahore: Governor Punjab Chaudhary Mohammad Sarwar has signed Punjab Local Government Bill 2019.

On the occasion, while commenting on the bill governor said that new local bodies system will protect every penny of the nation and the accountability of the local bodies’ representatives will also be assured. Ensuring service deliver at doorsteps of the people is an integral part of the manifesto of PTI.

Unlike previous governments who gave so called powers to local bodies, Present Government has actually depicted the aspirations of the people by devolving powers at ground level.

Assuring the confidence in the step, he said, it justifies Imran Khan’s vision of strengthening common people. According to details, Governor Punjab has signed the newly passed Punjab Local Govt. Bill 2019. New local bodies system will consist of two steps under which there would be Municipal and Mohalla councils in cities, whereas there will be tehsil and village councils in rural areas.

He said that it is for the very first time in the history of Punjab that such empowered system of local bodies has been introduced under which approximately 40 Billion rupees will be spend to sort out the basic issues of people.

Furthermore it is also be decided by local bodies officials that where the said money will be spent. He said that Prime Minister Imran khan is practically implementing his vision of empowering the ordinary people in its true sense. In this new local bodies system, people will be empowered in true meanings. He further said that newly introduced local bodies system will not only strengthen people but it will also strengthen democracy.