Published On: Fri, Feb 12th, 2016
Published in Category: Government

Govt. decides to give training to teachers, non teachers’ staff

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Rawalpindi: The government has decided to give armed force training to teachers and non teachers staff of district Rawalpindi institutions of education to maintain security system in schools, colleges and universities.

Commissioner Rawalpindi will submit written requisition to Ten Core for training of divisional educational staff Rawalpindi.

In the last year after the attack on the Army Public school in Peshawar and in the wake of deadly assault at Bacha Khan University, mostly institutions failed to ensure security of educational institutes in the country.

Initially, government institutions decided to hire retire armed forces personnel’s but due to lack of funds, government institutions unable to pay huge salaries to new hire armed staff. On the other hand, government institutions itself tried to fulfil these expenditures of salaries, less salary packages armed forces personnel’s avoid getting job as Security Guard.

Now government decided to give armed forced training to teachers and nor teaching staff in the district Rawalpindi educational institution. According to Director Colleges that this suggestion is under process to give armed training to well name college teachers through Army. After formal approval government will contact with army.