Published On: Wed, Jun 19th, 2019
Published in Category: Government

Govt formally lodges protest with BBC over baseless story published on June 2

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ISLAMABAD: The government of Pakistan on Tuesday filed formal complaints with the British communications regulator and state-broadcaster BBC for publishing a story on June 2 alleging human rights abuses in the tribal areas.

A 19-pages dossier was handed over to the BBC over the story published on June 2. The dossier has been sent over story of Pakistan’s alleged human rights violations.

The complaint stated that the government expects BBC to “abide by its editorial policy and journalists ethos in the future”; that the British Office of Communications (Ofcom) will look into the response on the content of the mala-fide, incorrect and misleading content of the story and take measures as per the BBC’s editorial guidelines 1.2.11; and that BBC will ensure that “such fake stories specifically targeting Pakistan” will not be published.

The dossier stated that the story published on June 2 was against ethics of the journalism. The comments of both the parties were not added in the story which is against the BBC’s organizational policy and the image of Pakistan was damaged by publishing the story without concrete evidence.

The dossier further stated that the analysis in the story was biased and the facts were also not written in the story. The government of Pakistan hoped that action would be taken those responsible.

The government demanded the BBC to apologise and remove the story from its website. The government expect BBC to ensure that in the future such fake stories specifically targeting Pakistan will not be disseminated, however, Pakistan retains the right for legal action in Britain if the BBC failed to take action.

The dossier stated that declaring the legitimate operation of the country’s institutions as terrorism is misleading, adding that former British PM Tony Blair had already apologized for wrong intelligence information.

The dossier questioned the BBC if it had published such story when British army was present in Iraq and Afghanistan, adding that the Pakistan army has never accepted the murder of Adnan Rasheed.

The dossier stated that different correspondents of the BBC visited tribal areas for 14 times and the reporter who published the story never requested to visit Waziristan as the purpose of the story was propaganda against Pak Army.

The government stated that the Pakistan’s Press Attaché in Britain will raise the issue with Office of Communication and the BBC.

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