Published On: Wed, Jun 19th, 2019
Published in Category: Government

Govt revenue generation steps lauded

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Islamabad: Veteran trade leader Jahangir Akhtar on Tuesday said the government should give a chance to the real representatives of the business community to ensure a positive change and help the government widen the tax base.

The government has taken commendable steps in the budget to improve the overall economy and boost revenue but it is facing resistance from the business community which should be dealt accordingly, he said.

Talking to the Chairman of United Group of ICCI Habibullah Zahid and other leaders, Jahangir Akhtar said that chambers of commerce across the country are ruled by certain groups who are just interested in personal welfare and photo sessions.

The business community will not be able to play its role in the national development unless the real and genuine representatives of the business community are brought forward, he said.

The trade leader who is observing a hunger strike to press for positive change in the FPCCI and other trade associations said that the government should no more consider the qabza groups as representatives of the business community who are in the habit of wasting resources.

He said that the government should take control of FPCCI and all other chambers of commerce, dissolve existing bodies, conduct audit, cancel memberships and hold transparent elections after new membership based on FBR’s data.

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