Published On: Thu, Nov 4th, 2021
Published in Category: Politics

Govt to appoint ‘facilitation officers’ to resolve overseas Pakistanis’ issues

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Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered appointment of ‘facilitation officers’ in Federal agencies to entertain overseas Pakistanis.

According to sources, facilitation officers will be appointed 39 federal divisions while ‘special sections and desks’ will be established in 34 sub-organizations of 13 federal ministries.

According to PM House’s spokesperson, Facilitation Officers would hail to grades above 19. Ministries will notify officers’ appointments and proper notifications will also be issued for establishment of special sections and desks.

Per the statement, Federal agencies will coordinate with Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Overseas Pakistanis and Information to facilitate overseas Pakistanis.

Initiative aims at resolving problems of overseas Pakistanis, the PM house’s statement said, adding that all division would complete the process within next 21 days and present a report before the PM office.