Published On: Thu, May 16th, 2019
Published in Category: Rawalpindi

High prices of fruits, vegetables irk people in Rawalpindi

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RAWALPINDI: The residents of Rawalpindi on Wednesday expressed their concern over high prices of fruits and vegetables in the markets.

They also expressed their dissatisfaction with the local government efforts to control high prices, adding that the citizens were being looted with the consensus of local government, price control Magistrate, and market committee.

The citizens have said that the so called special Ramadan bazaars are nothing more than a drama where local government officials, deputy commissioner, price magistrate and market committee members just visit to take photo sessions, whereas citizens struggled to get subsidized fruits and vegetables as no item is available in Ramadan bazaars at discounted rate.

They said every market has fixed its own price rates and more worsening was that unhygienic and substandard items are being sold in the bazaars. According to the citizens, the price of second quality mango is Rs350kg, third quality bat Rs450kg, watermelon Rs250, apple Rs250 to Rs300 per kg and Banana Rs150 to rs250 per dozen.