Published On: Tue, Feb 12th, 2019
Published in Category: Islamabad

IMF asks Pakistan to take decisive actions

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ISLAMABAD: International Monetary Fund (IMF) once again demanding Pakistan to do more asked Islamabad to take concrete steps for bailout package.

According to sources of finance ministry, the IMF has asked Pakistan to take effective measures – pertaining to insufficient tax revenue, higher lending or interest rates by banks and slow-going economic reforms – before taking a financial package.

Meanwhile, PM Imran Khan has pledged to carry out deep structural reforms of the state s economy to overcome the balance-of-payment crisis, after the IMF offered to avert it.

Besides, the IMF has also urged the Pakistani government to limit subsidies, and suggested an increase in the prices of electricity and gas. IMF has asked Pakistan to take concrete steps for reducing the losses in the energy sector and speed up economic reforms.

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