Published On: Thu, Apr 1st, 2021
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Imran Khan has won hearts of people by reducing petroleum products prices

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Lahore: PTI officials and leaders have welcomed the reduction in prices of petroleum products.

The PTI government is determined to provide relief to the people, including basic solutions for the common man and providing relief to them. According to details, PTI Central Punjab Joint Secretary Malik Amanat Ali, Chairman Housing Punjab Malik Hamad

Reacting to the fall in prices of petroleum products, Gar said that the PTI government is committed to curbing inflation and providing relief to the people is the top priority of the government.

The reduction in the prices of petroleum products is a testament to the government’s public friendliness.

The corrupt governments of the past have ruthlessly plundered the country’s resources, the punishment of which is being meted out to the nation today, Prime Minister Imran Khan and PT IY government will provide relief to the people at all levels, the announcement of Ramadan package is a welcome process and during Ramadan cheap bazaars are being organized in districts across Punjab which will provide cheap items to the people, leaders said.

He further said that torture is being tightened around the corrupt mafia from which the screams of corrupt gangs are coming out, petrol and sugar mafia will have to account for every penny of the looted wealth of the nation, the indiscriminate actions of the government and the corrupt mafia and their PTI backers discouraged, PTI government lays hands on powerful mafia Indiscriminate accountability speaks volumes.