Published On: Sun, Sep 12th, 2021
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Imran Khan is going to become PM for next term as well: Asad Umar

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KARACHI: Minister for development and Planning Asad Umar while announcing to hold elections-2023 under new population census has said the work on new population census will be started after approval from Council for Common Interest (CCI).

“Next election will take place on the basis of new population census and Imran Khan will be Prime Minister in next election. Sindh government collected census data it self and then protested against it on its own. Carpeting Karachi roads and lifting garbage is job of Sindh government and not federal government. Five projects of federal government are underway in Karachi. Work on green line project has been completed. Buses will arrive till next week”, he said this while addressing press conference along with federal minister Ali Zaidi and other party members here Saturday.

He went on to say we have set target of completing new population census by the beginning of 2023 after approval from CCI. Later delimitation of constituencies will be worked out.

Giving indication for activating green line project by the end of October he said the project has been completed and 40 buses will arrive in port till nextweek.

He went on to say economic future is linked to Karachi and national security is linked to economic future because 50 percent export is going on through this industrial city.

He underlined the former provincial governments have not carried out major works in Karachi. Therefore, work is underway on major projects while some members of our cabinet had raised objections over utilizing such a robust amount in Karachi.

Terming Imran Khan a champion of Karachi, he said 5 major projects of federal government are continuing in this industrial city.

Water is major problem of Karachi, he said adding we have taken responsibility of K-4 project which was suspended since a decade. The design of the project will be given final shape till October 28. The work will be re-started in February 2022. We have shifted the project from Sindh government to WAPDA. According to WAPDA water will be provided to Karachi till October 2023.

Taking exception to PPP led Sindh government he said Bilawal Bhutto Zardari seeks time while PPP came into power in the federation four times and is in power in Sindh since the last 10 years. But it has done nothing for Karachi.

Regarding corona vaccine he said federal government had provided corona vaccine worth more than Rs 10 billion to Sindh government while Sindh government has failed in providing even a single vaccine to citizens.

He disclosed that Imran Khan is going to become to become Prime Minister for next term as well.