Published On: Sat, Nov 21st, 2020
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International experts voices expresses apprehension over genocide of 200 million Muslims in India

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WASHINGTON: International experts have expressed fear of massive genocide of 200 million Muslims in India.

The international experts said this in a debate held here entitled “genocide and ten phases of Indian Muslims.

The debate was organized by Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC).

Dr Gredory Stenton said genocide of Muslim population in fact is underway in India.

Barbarity against Muslims in Kashmir and Asam was the phase which preceded genocide.

The organized crimes against humanity are continuing unabated in India. Demolishing Babri Mosque and constructing temple are the links of this phase. Delhi police took into custody hundreds of Muslims in Delhi riots. Those who were taken into custody were charged with committing violence.

Tebar Mareez said the atrocities against the Muslims are undermining the economic condition of the Muslims. The situation is very grave in India still.

She underlined that Indian Muslims are living in atmosphere of perpetual fear and lack of safety.

Dr Ilyas said the claimant of the largest democracy of the world is suppressing its 1/14th population. India is denying human and constitutional rights to Muslims, he added.