Published On: Wed, Jan 22nd, 2020
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JI announces countrywide protest movement against inflation

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LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami has announced a countrywide protest movement against inflation and the first rally in this regard will be taken out in Rawalpindi today (Wednesday).

JI Ameer Senator Sirajul Haq will lead the rally, said JI Information Secretary Qaisar Sharif in a statement issued from Mansoora on Tuesday.

Qaisar Sharif held the mafia sitting in government ranks responsible for the skyrocketing inflation and unemployment, asking the prime minister to remove the corrupt elements from his team if he was really sincere in providing relief to the poor masses.

JI Deputy Chief Dr. Farid Paracha also voiced concern about the unavailability of flour in the market, saying wheat crisis exposed the government inability and lack of planning. He also questioned the logic to allow duty free import of wheat from Australia and Central Asia when the new crop in Sindh areas was almost ready to harvest. He said the import decision will hit hard the growers and no one would purchase wheat from them.