Published On: Fri, Mar 28th, 2014
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Karachi to have chain of model dental clinics in 2 months’ time

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KARACHI: A chain of KMC Model Dental Clinics will be functional in the city in two months’ time to contain steady increase in the incidence of Hepatitis B and C among the citizens and also to help them avoid street dentists.

Executive District Officer (ED0 -Health), Karachi, Dr. Zafar Ijaz told Thursday that six model dental clinics are envisaged to be fully functional, one each in the six districts of metropolis.

One of these clinics at Gharibad ( district central) was said to be already at the KMC dispensary with provision for dental x-ray machines, five dental chairs and other required gadgets manned by qualified dental surgeons.

Mentioning that KMC health services has a strong contingent of dental surgeons, he said this qualified and trained manpower alongwith available infrastructure is being utilized as one of the measures to protect citizens against different blood borne infections, particularly Hepatitis B and C.

“The reports we are presently receiving from our different district healthcare facilities reflect that almost every third to fourth person may be the carrier of the viral infection,” said Dr. Zafar Ijaz in reply to a question.

In accordance to the available assessment the sites identified for model clinics include KMC dispensaries at Korangi, Orangi Town, Saddar, Lyari and BHU – Malir besides the one at Gharibad.

To another question, he said financial expenses of the clinics would be minimal as existing facilities are being utilized through proper re-shuffling and adequate organization.

“Facilities would be absolutely free, however, we are contemplating to introduce a token fee so as to create sense of ownership among the citizens,” said EDO – Health for Karachi.

Dr. Zafar Ijaz said with the passage of time these model dental clinics may be also utilized as filter clinics as would be linked to facio-maxillary units at Karachi Mental and Dental College and DUHS so as to provide citizens with a comprehensive oral hygiene cum dental care facility.

“Pan, gutka and other hazardous substance is again a serious threat to the health of Karachiites, particularly youth and we need to develop a strategy to contain it,” he said.} else {