Published On: Mon, Nov 5th, 2018
Published in Category: Karachi

Kidnappings for ransom emerged as profitable business in Karachi

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Karachi: After the extortion mafia a new mafia “Kidnapper Group” was fully active in whole Karachi. In Karachi, kidnappings for ransom have emerged as a profitable business in recent days. The kidnapping incidents of top business personalities are on rise in whole Karachi and in most of the cases kidnappers used black color Vigo vehicle. A petitioner Syed Amir Shahzad of case no-292 registered in Clifton Police station Karachi told police that he was going with his manger Muhammad Bashir. However, near Chowk few people that were 8 in number forcefully stopped them and conducted complete search. Later they thrown the vehicle’s key far and allegedly kidnapped his manger Muhammad Bashir.

The second incident was also occurred at Karachi Gulistan area where a well-known business personality Abdul Jabbar was kidnapped. Same black color Vigo vehicle had been used in this kidnapping incident. It was stated in submitted application one Nadeem Ahmed Khan that businessman Abdul Jabbar and his were going to FIA office that was located at Munawar Chowk. Some identified persons stopped the vehicle and forcefully kidnapped Abdul Jabbar. The local police had registered both the cases but so far failed to trace the kidnappers.

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