Published On: Mon, Jan 6th, 2020
Published in Category: Corruption

Ministry of overseas hit by massive corruption

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Islamabad: Ministry overseas hit again by massive corruption scam where in the public officer holders embezzled massive public funds on the name of public welfare.

The funds earmarked for the poor workers were misappropriated by the senior officers of the ministry and its subordinated departments but the authority concerned neither initiates any inquiry not detected the responsible officer, it has been report available with this scribe.

According to a report, the funds worth of Rs 9.74 billion allocated for the construction of hospital and schools were spent on other projects without taking permission from the authority concerned.

The officer alleged of misappropriation worth of Rs. 3.50 billion while purchasing miscellaneous articles for the use of the officers but the corrupt officers have not been detected so far and the corrupt officers are now enjoying luxurious life.

Worker welfare department senior management disbursed RS over 3billion rupees to contractors and another contractor RS 210 million to a contractor who was assigned the task of Multan complex construction.

Director education welfare accused of misappropriation worth of 120million rupees while purchasing uniform for the workers but the accused have not been detected.

Worker welfare organization Islamabad management accused of misappropriation of Rs 470 million on the name of insurance claims while senior management purchased land of worth of Rs 1.13billion and caused massive financial loss to the national exchequer as the land were spread in the districts of Peshawar, Hurripure, Noshehra and Mardan but the land have not been taken over and some power ful mafia have been occupying this land.

WWF Islamabad senior management accused of financial misappropriation worth of Rs 5.4 billion in various projects including scholarship, marriage grand and death grant and caused huge financial loss to the public exchequer.