Published On: Fri, Sep 14th, 2018
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Misappropriation of funds unearthed in CTP

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Rawalpindi:Misappropriation on large scale is revealed in the funds of City Traffic Police (CTP), Rawalpindi.

The funds were embezzled from Traffic Wardens Welfare Funds, Lifter Earnings and from the funds used for petrol of motorcycles and vehicles of traffic police.

According to sources, the funds embezzled from different heads in CTP, maintenance of vehicles, illegal cuttings from monthly approved petrol of 20 to 50 liters, monthly Rs400 deducted from the pay of every warden as a welfare fund, but no warden has received such funds in case of any urgent need, complex application process also a hurdle in achieving welfare fund at the occasion of any death or marriage.

CTP has 48 vehicles, 3 buses, 250 CC 113 heavy motorcycles, 467 CG Honda 125, 6 DSPs using vehicles get 400 liters monthly, Cultus vehicle has approved petrol of 200 liters monthly, for 250 CC motorcycle 60 liters petrol.

But according to sources, every vehicle and motorcycle given less petrol as compared to approved quantity.

CTP’s transport officer, Kamran negated all the allegations while talking to reporter, and said that no vehicle was given less quantity of petrol, also no other cuttings from the wardens pay except the GP fund.

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