Published On: Fri, Jan 12th, 2018
Published in Category: Islamabad

More than one billion rupees corruption surfaces in Petroleum Ministry

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Islamabad: Corruption of one billion and 364.1 million rupees surfaced in ministry for petroleum along with startling revelations of benefitting oil companies illegally.

Secretary and Director General (DG PC) showing utter disloyalty did not bother to recover one billion and 364.1 million rupees from 179 oil companies, resulted in failure to provide proper training to technical staff, engineers and others in petroleum sector.

As per law, right after obtaining license, petroleum companies have to submit 10,000 USD in training fund of government while oil companies are liable to submit 50,000 USD in national exchequer when commercial production of oil and gas starts.

Official documents revealed that 179 oil companies did not submit payable amounts in training fund, 50 percent of this amount have to be utilized for training of officers while ministry for petroleum can use the 50 percent remaining amount according to its wish but it is desolated that the companies did not submit this amount in the relevant account.

Sources divulged that bigwigs of ministry for petroleum in connivance with officials of oil companies not only avoided receiving the amount but oil companies also got heavy benefits through this nexus.

“Officers of Petroleum Ministry showed path of stay order to officials of oil companies instead of paying due amounts,” sources added.

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