Published On: Sat, Nov 23rd, 2019
Published in Category: Killing

Mother kills her two children

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Raiwind: Mother killed her two children after drowning them in water tank and she got critically injured while attempting to commit suicide.

Police started investigation.

According to media reports, 27 year old Naheed had married in district Swabi and she had an argument with husband and she went to her parent’s home in Raiwind. Last night her husband and his family came to settle the matter.

In the morning 4am Naheed killed her two children by drowning them in water tank and as a result both died on the spot. Later Naheed attempted to commit suicide by knife and she got critically injured. Injured woman was shifted to hospital for medical assistance.

Police took the both bodies to mortuary and started investigation.

According to police initial report that Naheed took this extreme in anger due to arguments with her husband .