Published On: Fri, Nov 30th, 2018
Published in Category: Court News

NAB’s prosecutor commences final argument in Alazizia reference before accountability court

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Islamabad: “Alaziza reference is about white collar crime, which is committed in a very technical way through organized manner. In the case the real owner was concealed”.

This was said by NAB’s Prosecutor Wasiq Malik during his initial remarks of his final arguments in the Accountability Court on Thursday, when the judge of AC Mohammad Arshad Malik resumed the hearing of Alazizia reference against former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family members.

He said during his arguments that the investigation of the case was begun on 2nd August 2017 and three persons were nominated as accused in it. Out of total 26 witnesses , some 22 recorded their statements in the case.

He said that the three nominated accused got several chances to defend themselves on almost all the forums but they failed to do so. But actually they used to change their stance on every forum.

First time the state came to know about the assets abroad of Nawaz Sharif’s family after the Panama Leaks .These assets were not declared before the Supreme Court took up the matter .

“The accused had submitted some evidences including money trail and put up some explanations before the joint investigation team(JIT) but latter on these all proves were turned to be bogus. The property is recognized which is mentioned in the case. The accused hide this property in the name of nameless assets”, the prosecutor added.

The NAB’s lawyer told the court that in 2001 the market value of Alazizia was 6 million dollars but in 2005 its cost was told about 5 million dollars. During the span between 2010 to 2017 a hefty amount of 1871 million was sent to Nawaz Sharif’s account .

The Prosecutor of NAB told the court that the case is against the person who remained on the slots Prime Minster thrice , Chief Minister Punjab and opposition leader.

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