Published On: Wed, Mar 26th, 2014
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National Curriculum Council to be established at Federal Level: Minister

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Islamabad: Federal Minister for Education said that we have forgotten our educational standards in relation to education our vision has gone lemmatized and we are not heading ourselves in appropriate direction in the field of education.

In these circumstances our aim should be focused towards educational training, due to which we could able to build better generation which could lead us to bring prosperity to our Pakistan.

He expresses these thoughts in a briefing at Aiwan – e – Sir Syed arranged by Sir Syed Memorial Society Islamabad.

He appreciated the efforts put in by Sir Syed Memorial Society by focusing Character Building and Leadership traits into the veins of our young generation. Unfortunately, none of the Educational Institutions in Pakistan are providing such kind of Education among the youth. I am not only happy to see the efforts made by SSMS to uplift these golden attributes which were told by our great leader Sir Syed Ahmed Khan but also satisfied that his mission is implemented down to gross route level of our country in true spirit.

He further said that Character Building should be the part of National Curriculum at any cost. As we know that after 18th Amendment, the authority of curriculum was transferred to the Provinces which was difficult to implement, but now after deep consideration and consultation with all the Provinces, the Federal Government has decided to establish a National Curriculum Council to bring harmony among all the Provinces of Pakistan as for as curriculum is concerned, which will be equally good for all the Provinces and Private Institutions.

Presently our Private Education Institutions have no direction and guidelines, so there is a need to tune all these Institutions in line with the latest curriculum. It is our endeavour to introduce the not only Library Culture back to normal but also introduce sports activities among the young generation. Today I feel proud to visit this organisation where each one of them is working to uplift the Character Building and Leadership qualities among the youth of Pakistan, under the immaculate leadership of Brigadier Iqbal Shafi. I think that Character Building should be considered the top priority of our National issues.

President SSMS Brigadier Iqbal Shafi said that apart of Curricular activities, extracurricular activities should also be included in our Educational System. He thanked Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who introduced this deep though to us and due to him we as a team are working on his golden principals. As we all know that Aligarh Muslim University played a vital role in creation of Pakistan, so today we are the one who can deliver the same thought to our young generation so that we can build a strong Pakistan.

Vice President SSMS Senator Razina Alam Khan said that at the age of six, children completed their personalities and his basic inspiration none other than his own teacher, so there is a need to educate our teachers in right direction so that they can not only educate the young students but also built their character in right direction.

Vice President SSMS MR Munir Ahmed Choudhry said that we are accelerating the true spirit of Character Building & Leadership in our young generation.

CEO CASE Dr Shoaib A Khan briefed the Minister that we have raised the standard of our university up to PHD level.

Mr Aqeel Safdar Director Sir Syed Institute of Teacher Education Islamabad, Ms Hamim Qadri Director Sir Syed Institute of Leadership & Ms Nighat Mirza Director Sir Syed Academy also briefed the Minister as per their departments, finally this session was concluded with the vote of thanks by President SSMS.