Published On: Wed, Apr 7th, 2021
Published in Category: Islamabad

Nawaz grabbed commissions by building roads and got loans by impawning them: Alleges Shehbaz

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Islamabad: Prime Minister’s Special assistant for political communication Dr Shehbaz Gill on Tuesday said that PML-N’s every project was aimed to fulfill corrupt practices.

In a statement, Shehbaz said that whether it was Orange line train or Laptop Scheme project, PML-N tried to grab loot money through it. Much costly and unjust electricity and power agreements were the ‘gifts’ of PML-N govt. Industries were shut down because of those agreements, alleged Shehbaz.

The SAPM further said that PTI govt paid back debts worth 35000 Billion rupees. Nawaz Sharif and his team transferred economy to ventilators; we are trying to inspirit it.