Published On: Fri, Mar 21st, 2014
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No assurance extended to Pakistan for provision of development fund on pattern of Saudi Arabia : Bahrain

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ISLAMABAD: Bahrain has said it is not going to extend any financial assistance to Pakistan under Friends of Pakistan.

This was said by Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa, Bahraini Foreign Minister and transport minister Kamal Ahmad in a press conference here at local hotel Thursday.

They said no assurance has been given to Pakistan for provision of any development fund on the pattern of Saudi Arabia. There are more than 450 business institutions in Bahrain which are all set to make investment in the development of Pakistan, they added.

“We know Pakistan wants close and balanced ties with every country in the region. We recognize this right of Pakistan”, they remarked

They went on to say that all including GCC countries want political solution to Syrian issue. We have not come here to seek Pakistan help with reference to Syria, they underlined.

They said “ We have discussed all regional issues including problem of Syria with Pakistani leadership. We have held talks with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Sartaj Aziz on all important matters too. We want political solution to issue of Syria under Geneva pact.

They observed that Pakistan was an important country of Muslim Ummah adding no change has come in Pakistan foreign policy.

They said “we will stand by Saudi Arabia like GCC countries if it faces any threat. Saudi Arabia has decided Muslim Brotherhood organization be declared terrorist outfit due to its internal situation and threats received from Muslim Brotherhood. We term this decision correct.

Citing to Iran they said “ we want good friendly relations with Iran. Iran is our neighbouring country. Iran is an important country. We have reservations over interference from Iran in Middle East particularly in the affairs of Bahrain. Iran should avoid taking such steps which can lead to create atmosphere of mistrust in the region.

They said “ this is first visit of King of Bahrain to Pakistan. MOU has been signed between the two countries for formation of joint commission with regard to overseas Pakistanis. Several important MOUs have been signed in the sectors of food security, air service, water and power, investment board and business forum. We dub this visit productive and fruitful.

They held that existing level of bilateral trade of 6 billion dollars would be further expanded. “We have discussed political cooperation with Pakistan . Defence cooperation between Pakistan and Bahrain is historical which is continuing since several decades. We can not talk about defence and military cooperation. We have discussed at length the matters related to defence cooperation with Pakistani authorities and this cooperation will continue in the days to come.