Published On: Sun, Jan 23rd, 2022
Published in Category: Politics

Not formulating a unified national strategy on Kashmir issue is a serious crime of Imran Khan Sarkar: Liaqat Baloch

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LAHORE: Deputy Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan and former parliamentary leader Liaqat Baloch while discussing the proposal to withdraw troops from Siachen, said that it was all a matter of bargaining over Kashmir. The nation is being deceived and shocked slowly and gradually. National security policy is one-sided and not formulating a unified national strategy on Kashmir issue is a serious crime of Imran Khan Sarkar. 05 February, Solidarity Day of Kashmir has become very important in the context of the situation in Occupied Kashmir. The whole nation will hold a historic protest in solidarity with Kashmiris and for their right to self-determination. The situation in Afghanistan and Occupied Kashmir is deteriorating day by day, but in Pakistan irresponsible attitude and lack of seriousness is also deteriorating.

Liaquat Baloch said that Imran Khan’s government should accept the fact that inflation, unemployment rate has become dangerous and electricity, petrol, gas, rising tax rates, humiliating from IMF, worst conditions instead of false declarations of economic growth. Punishment for the people and national dignity has become a threat to sovereignty. Inflation, terrorism, mismanagement, corruption and bribery have become cancers for national existence. The economic crisis could not have ended without a unified national strategy.

Liaqat Baloch said that Jamaat-e-Islami will be the real mouthpiece of the people’s sentiments in 101 sit-ins across the country after Gwadar and Karachi. The people will not be left destitute. After mobilizing and organizing the people in each district, a decisive march towards Islamabad will be announced.

Liaqat Baloch called on the Nazim of Islamic Jamiat Students Lahore and briefed about ‘SeeLahore’ mega event. Jamiat-e-Talaba is a trusted organization for organizing nationwide, organized, educational affairs and highlighting the God-given talents of the new generation. ‘See Lahore’ will prove to be a multidimensional mega event for Lahore students. Lahore’s educationists, businessmen, industrialists, philanthropists, co-operate fully for the positive activities of the youth. The positive co-curricular and constructive activities of the youth will lead to the satisfaction of the parents and will bring stability in the society.