Published On: Wed, Oct 9th, 2019
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On World Post Day a mother waits for letter from daughter

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KARACHI: On the World Post Day, when people are celebrating communication with their near and dear ones, the ailing mother of Dr Aafia Siddiqui is waiting for a letter from her detained daughter.

In an open letter, entitled “On World Post Day I need communication to Aafia”, she writes: My dear daughter, Aafia, May God protect you. Seventeen long years have passed to see you, and three years to your last telephonic call.

“Time flies and now your son Ahmed and daughter Mariam have already completed their schooling and they are going to college. We have sent you so many letters, emails and tried to dial telephone for countless times, but failed to contact you or receive your answer.

“Today I thought that when there is no any other avenue left to communicate to you why not try to write a letter on World Post Day, which is celebrated every year under the aegis of United Nation with an aim to end extreme poverty and hunger, fight inequality and injustice.

“My dear daughter, millions of people in Pakistan and abroad are praying for your release, besides taking sincere efforts and raising concerned voice. My son and now Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has also promised that he would bring you back home from the US prison.

“My dear daughter, presently I am not feeling well. Fowzia and other family members are taking a good care of me, but I am waiting for you. People from whole country telephone to inquire about my health and every day a lot of them visit our house too. They all know about my failing health; only you have not as yet inquired about my health.

For last three and half years, I am deprived of even the facility of telephonic talk to you, and finding no other way, I am also sending this letter to my children Imran Khan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Ijaz Ahmed Shah and Dr Shereen Mazari and I pray Allah, the Almighty, to guide them taking proper steps for your release.

“Aafia, believe me, I want to hug you, to kiss your forehead, but I cannot do you anything….May God bless and protect you. I earnestly pray that we meet very soon. Your mother, Asmat Siddiqui.”