Published On: Mon, Apr 16th, 2018
Published in Category: Rawalpindi

Overcharging a routine practice in Rawalpindi Sunday Bazaars

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Rawalpindi: Price hike and overcharging are on the rise in Rawalpindi Sunday Bazaars as authority concerned has badly failed to check this unlawful practice. Seasonal fruits and vegetables were sold on high rates especially against the price control list.

According to price control list the price of potato was stable at Rs. 16 per kg but sold Rs 30 per kg, onion Rs 27 per kg but sold Rs. 40 kg, tomato Rs 30per kg but sold Rs 40 per kg, garlic Rs 94 per kg but sold Rs 100 per kg, Ginger Rs 156 per kg but sold Rs 200 per kg, in the same manner green chilli, cauliflower, and other fruit sold above the price mentioned on the price control list.

The residents of the areas have expressed concern over the alarming situation and urged upon the provincial high-ups to check this ugly practice.

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