Published On: Sun, Mar 23rd, 2014
Published in Category: Rawalpindi

Overcharging of parking fee goes unchecked

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RAWALPINDI: Overcharging of parking fee by the contractors in different markets, plazas and areas in Rawalpindi city and cantonment has sparked resentment among the citizens.

The citizens complained that the contractors and their staff have increased the parking fee manifold on their own and they are plundering them with both hands in the name of parking fee.

In parking areas at plazas, commercial market, college road, Raja bazaar and other trade centers the contractors are charging parking fee ranging between Rs 1o to 15 to the owners of motor cycles instead of Rs 5 and Rs 15 to Rs 30 to the owners of cars and vehicles in the name of parking ticket. But no ticket is issued. If any ticket is issued, it is used repeatedly, citizens said.

Citizens have demanded immediate cancellation of parking fee contracts in respect of the contractors found involved in overcharging parking fee.} else {