Published On: Tue, Mar 25th, 2014
Published in Category: Karachi

PIA now stealing passenger’s luggage?

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KARACHI: Another controversy has surrounded the state administered Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) as a woman claimed to be deprived of their assets of million worth in Islamabad-bound flight.

A Pakistani woman has claimed to get deprived of her million-worth assets including British currency and jewellery placed inside a ‘hand carry bag’, local media reported.

The estimated price of the stolen asset was reportedly upto Rs10 lakh (1 million); which was stolen by breaking lock of the bag, woman claimed.

“I insisted to carry my bag with me despite placing it inside the plane’s storage but staff rejected my request by saying it’s not allow to carry it”, she said.

However, she claimed to get agreed for placed her hand-carry bag inside the plane luggage but after reaching Islamabad; all assets were vanished while the lock was broken.

The airline administration had promised to resolve the matter; but once again failed to facilitate the victim after seven-day investigation, reports said.