Published On: Fri, Jan 11th, 2019
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PIA starts crackdown against drug user Captains , Air hosts

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Karachi: National air line (PIA) crackdown against drug user Captains and Air hosts will invasion on Incoming and outgoing international flights, and alcohol test will taken place via Safa program .

According to media reports, National air line (PIA)has calls to crackdown against drug user Captains and Air hosts, more the said,

From now, there will be a strict eye on incoming and outgoing international flights , the blood sample will borrow for test.

PIA administration has said the alcohol test will be examined under the initiative of the Dubai Safa program, To remember , on previously an Air host named Ghulam Mohammad Chandio has been caught by PIA medical team during an international flight, alcohol symptoms were found in his blood after examine , after that he was off loaded and suspended from his job as well.

PIA has recently issued a new guideline which states that, the captains and Air hosts should maintain their weight according to the international standards.

The employs ranging in the overweight category are allowed to maintain their weight under 30 pounds till 31st of January to meet the international standard, the overweight employees will be sent to Air Crew Hospital where they will work on weight training exercise to lose weight till 2019,

if the training still not work to reduce weight lower than 30 pounds then the process will still continue.

In 2019 there will be again will recheck the weight of the employees , only those employees will be allowed to the flight who has reduced weight under 30 pounds , the ones will not allowed who don’t meet the criteria.

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