Published On: Thu, May 29th, 2014
Published in Category: Politics

PM by going to India turned win-win situation into unmitigated disaster: Qureshi

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Islamabad: Vice Chairman PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi Wednesday stated that the PM had turned a win-win situation of going for Indian PM Modi’s swearing-in to New Delhi into an unmitigated disaster.

Qureshi said it was incomprehensible why PM Sharif could not mention the outstanding issues between Pakistan and India including Indian-aided terrorism in Pakistan when the Indian side had put forward clear demands to Pakistan on terrorism.

The Vice Chairman in a statement said PTI supported the PM’s gesture of going for PM Modi’s inaugural because PTI believed in peace in the neighbourhood including with India.

Unfortunately, PM Nawaz Sharif failed to use the opportunity of the one-on-one meeting with his Indian counterpart to raise serious concerns Pakistan had over the water issue, terrorism and the stalled composite dialogue including on the Kashmir conflict.

In fact, Shah Mahmood Qureshi expressed surprise and dismay over the complete absence of Kashmir and the other issues of concern from PM Sharif’s prepared text which he read out before the media in New Delhi after his meeting with the Indian Prime Minister.

Equally disturbing was the fact that for the first time a Pakistani Prime Minister visiting New Delhi officially failed to meet with Kashmir’s Hurriyet leadership.

The message being given to the nation was one of fear of Indian anger and appeasement. The only concrete item mentioned by Sharif Mahmood remarked, was special incentives for Indian investments in Pakistan and his admission that he was seen as a friend of the business community.

This unidimensional focus of Sharif’s India policy – which is in fact not a policy but a collection of short-term measures – on business interests also betrays a lack of understanding on the overarching dynamics of the Pakistan-India relationship and the real conflicts that need resolution. It also begs the question whether the PMLN government has put the composite dialogue on the back burner to further certain business interests with India?

Shah Mahmood Qureshi demanded the Prime Minister take Parliament into confidence about his visit and evolve a consensual India policy. It is important to that peace is premised on mutual interests and mutual benefits to ensure it is long lasting.}

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