Published On: Mon, May 10th, 2021
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PML-N calls for initiation of contempt of court proceedings against ministers

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LAHORE: PML-N while terming the comments offered by Shahzad Akbar and information minister Fawad Chaudgry on court’s orders as contempt of court have demanded contempt of court proceedings be initiated against them.

Shahhid Khaqan Abbasi while addressing a press conference here Sunday said PML-N and its leadership have been leveled corruption charges repeatedly. The rented spokesperson should dare to bring a simple evidence of corruption against them on TV.

They have leveled every corruption charge against Shahbaz Sharif, he said adding Shahbaz Sharif served Punjab for 10 years. His enemy even lauds his services. Even NAB has acknowledged that Shahbaz Sharif has not accumulated illegal assets and not he has committed any corruption.

“bring volume 55 or volume 5500 nothing will come out from them. Volume will remain invalid unless you provide evidence. The court says only leveling allegations is not enough but evidence will have to be produced.

I am seeing this circus since the last three years, he underlined. You have multicolored ministers. Minister should tell what is their link with the NAB. Ask from these multicolored ministers what they were in the past and what they are today. What were total assets of their fathers and inlaws in the past and what assets they hold today, he questioned.

Rana Sana Ullah said accountability drama has gone on ventilator. Shahbaz Sharif will go abroad for his treatment at every cost no matter how much hindrances you create, he added. He will return to country and play his political role. What government has done after court’s decision is contempt of court.