Published On: Tue, Sep 14th, 2021
Published in Category: Politics

PML-N Parvez condemns PMDA, terms it ‘black law’

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Islamabad: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) senior leader and former senator Parvez Rashid has said that proposed PMDA is a ‘black law’ and those states that oppress pen and camera can never progress.

In a tweet on Monday, Parvez said that media development authority means to oppress journalism and states that control media are just like an ‘ostrich’

Explaining his analogy, Parvez said that an Ostrich occults its face in rite instead of facing the danger. Similarly, banning journalism and controlling media means concealing our faces instead of facing the music, he added.

He hailed struggle to stop Pakistan from becoming an ‘Ostrich state’.